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A Wall Street analyst in your pocket

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend that worked on Wall Street and sent you a text whenever they made a big trade? You wouldn’t have to log into an app or make sure your push notifications are turned on.

Unfortunately, not many of us live in New York or know somebody that works on Wall Street. So we brought Wall Street to you. Our team of expert analysts send you their daily stock and options picks in real-time, as well as their buy and sell off points.

This is by far the simplest way to research and build your portfolio. You just feel your phone vibrate, read a text, and plug it into your favorite brokerage account. Then get back to doing what matters most, living your life. It’s that simple.

* Only available for standard U.S. format phone numbers


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  • Sign up now message and data rates may apply. Message frequency may vary. Text HELP for help - text STOP to stop. For SMS purposes only (Mobile subscribers phone number will NEVER be shared or sold to third parties)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the alerts?

Depending on the types of alerts you choose, we send all the information necessary to make an informed trade. Each comes with a stock ticker (Ex. $FULC), trade type (Swing, Scalp, Short, etc.), an ideal entry price, price targets, and a stop out price. Many come with extra notes to enhance your experience and give you the same information our analysts use to trade their own portfolios.

Where do these alerts come from?

All of our alerts are created by our in house analysts. You can get to know them by joining us on the Pennybois Stock Alerts Discord server.

How many messages can I expect per day?

The number of messages you receive will vary depending on the type of trades you subscribe to. We have a number of trade types such as long swings, options, shorts and more to choose from. You can adjust these settings in your dashboard by clicking the link in top navigation bar.


PB Alerts testimonial image
PB Alerts testimonial image
PB Alerts testimonial image