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Stable, long-term growth. No day trading.

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Market cycles are fairly predictable. The “Rest & Retire Portfolio” is designed for the common, everyday investor. The investor that wants stable, long-term growth and doesn’t have time to spend 12 hours a day behind their computer and isn’t chasing an overnight 100x.

Our team of experts and analysts comb through the market daily to find “hidden gems'' for our community members. This portfolio is designed so that you can simply toss some money into it each month, rest, then, you guessed it – retire.

One of our recent alerts provided our members with the opportunity to realize a 228.89% return on investment in under 8 months. Our "Rest & Retire" team alerted our subscribers to $META (Meta Platforms) as a great buying opportunity when it was trading at just over $90. In the following months, the market confirmed our analysis and the stock ran and broke over $300!

What You Receive

  • Three in-depth stock research reports per month
  • Full expert-level market analysis
  • Long-term growth investment opportunities
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Low-maintenance portfolio building strategy


30 Days

1 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the trade ideas?

We send three Rest & Retire stock research reports per month via email (10th, 20th, 30th of each month). Once you purchase your membership, you'll be automatically added to our exclusive mailing list.

What can I expect in these reports?

Our analysts believe in providing the maximum amount of information possible to give you the tools you need to make an informed trade. You can expect in depth, long form analysis of the company, growth projections, financials, risks assessments and a trading plan typically including ideal buy in prices, trailing stop directions, and more.

How long should I stay in these trades?

How long you stay in each trade is entirely up to you and your trading plan. We recommend tailoring these alerts to your portfolio specifically and not jumping in blindly. However, R&R trades are meant to take place over the long term, sometimes multiple years. These are intended to grow slowly over time with minimal management from you.


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PB Alerts testimonial image